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Alexander Hamilton was a founding father that is often forgotten in American history. All the glory goes to men like George Washington, Ben Franklin, Thomas Jefferson and others of that sort. Alexander Hamilton was one of the most influential individuals in the formation of the United States economy, and one of the greatest intellectuals, politicians and founding fathers in history.
Hamilton was born on January 11, 1755 in the British West Indies. He was the product of an affair and was born to his mother Rachel Fawcett Lavine and a man named James whom was a Scottish trader. Knowing that he came from a troubled and awkward family background, Hamilton tried to prove his worth by beginning ...view middle of the document...

After the war, Hamilton and Washington maintained their close relationship. Hamilton aided Washington in his presidency as a friend and advisor. Hamilton's deep involvement with politics showed him how weak the young nation's government was. He believed he had an obligation to the people so he began a movement to make strong amendments to the Articles of Confederation in response to the many states' misgivings. Hamilton was known to be very level headed and fair when it came to debates with people. Hamilton resigned from his advisor post in 1782 and went back to New York to study law.
Hamilton began his own law practice in New York. He specialized in defending British Loyalists and he even began the idea known as judicial review. His fascination and involvement with law helped to draw him further into politics until he became a New York delegate. In 1787, Hamilton and other delegates went to Philadelphia to amend the Articles of Confederation. Hamilton was a supporter of loose constitutional interpretation from the beginning, stating that, "Constitutions should consist only of general provisions; the reason is that they must necessarily be permanent, and that they cannot calculate for the possible change of things."(BrainyQuotes). Even this early in the country's history, Hamilton preached that a strong economy would prove to be crucial to the country's survival and prosperity. After the Constitution's establishment, Hamilton was greatly influential in its ratification, particularly in the New York area. He co-wrote a series of essays called the Federalist Papers that described the Constitution to the common people who were greatly troubled and afraid. They believed that it would be a document that gave the government all the power just as the king in Britain had. However, Alexander Hamilton tried to put these worries to rest by writing:
On the other hand, it will be equally forgotten that the vigor of government is essential to the security of liberty; that, in the contemplation of a sound and well- informed judgment, their interest can never be separated; and that a dangerous ambition more often lurks behind the specious mask of zeal for the rights of the people than under the forbidden appearance of zeal for the firmness and efficiency of government. History will teach us that the former has been found a much more certain road to the introduction of despotism than the latter, and that of those men who have overturned the liberties of republics, the greatest number have begun their career by paying an obsequious court to the people; commencing demagogues, and ending...

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