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Sports have influenced society since the beginning of time. They have a significant impact on society in several aspects such as: economically, socially, and politically. The impact of Major League Baseball is prevalent, it is one of the old past times where families of different socioeconomic status indulge in to watch their favorite athlete(s). Major League Baseball is known for having the highest paid professional athletes. These baseball players earn well over a million dollars per season just to start. As their fame increases, their contract increases, and the pressure mounts up endlessly. The pressure to remain the best, and be the best is always at an all-time high. While this ...view middle of the document...

Athletes’ risk their integrity, legacy, and character to perform up to the high standards set. Sometimes these standards set by society of being a perfectionist, elitist, and the best come with pressure, and bad influence. The influence that comes with this pressure is resorting to some enhancement to remain relevant. Relevancy is key in sports, and if you aren’t relevant you fade to black.
Baseball is one of America’s favorite pastimes, and one of the most complicated and complex sports there is. Being able to perform and play on the professional level, takes practice and is always a big success. Sometimes the success comes as a result of hard work, and other times it comes as a result of cheating. Cheating in professional sports is widespread, especially in baseball where athletes use performance enhancing drugs to remain relevant, and break records.
Taking banned substances such as testosterone, and other PEDs is a tremendous problem the Major Leagues. PEDs are harmful to the bodily systems, erase any legacy, and remove the accomplishments one has “hardly” worked for. As previously stated, the use of steroids is not only harmful to athlete’s health, but sets a bad example for those who look up to these athletes, and are influenced by society to take the same route these athletes took.
Furthermore, the use of steroids erases one entire legacy, and he/she is looked at as a faulty individual. Eyebrows are raised, society is peeved, and spectators question the honesty of professional athletics. For instance, prior to Alex Rodriguez’s media flurry with the use of steroids, Barry Bonds who was always known for hitting home runs endlessly, and breaking several records was busted for steroids. He broke the records of legendary Hank Aaron, his PEDs use was repetitive, and heavy that the MLB was strongly considering to scratch his entire legacy.
When injecting these performance enhancing drugs within their systems, it slowly picks at the character of that athlete. Alex Rodriguez is one of the highest salaried professional baseball players, with the worst reputation. Prior to becoming a New York Yankee, he was Texas Rangers. He was caught using steroids to enhance his performance, and break several records. Mainstream media was slandering Rodriguez left and right for his use of steroids during his tenure with Rangers. Although Alex admitted to the use of steroids, he stated he stopped using them when joined the New York Yankee Organization.
It was always a big deal to show up to Yankee stadium, and see Alex Rodriguez, also known as A-Rod suit in the Yankee uniform. Alex Rodriguez one of the best and most accomplished third baseman to ever suit up in a New York Yankees uniform. The endless amount of records he set in regards to being one of the most accomplished third baseman in Major League Baseball sports history. His career was often surrounded by endless amounts of controversy, and raised eyebrows due to the monetary value of his contracts, and...

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