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The twenty first century has been overrun by advertising; following the growth of new products on the market. New technologies such as internet are the main cause of this increase in the global advertising market. Apparently, almost everyone is affected by adverts and thus often indulge in buying the products advertised. However, how does advertising influence people in their daily life? How do people let themselves be conquered by simple images? The impact of advertising on people's behavior is incredible. It plays a huge role in the personal satisfaction of one’s need. Incitement to consume has never been as strong as it is today, and it will increase even more in the coming years. ...view middle of the document...

After explaining what “advert” and ”artificial need” mean, this paper will first of all explain the cultural aspect: how has the role of advertising changed since World War Two? Secondly, this writing will demonstrate the ethics aspect: how does advertising create a consumption dependency in human beings? In addition, it will show the appearance of moral identity and identification: how does the satisfaction of these artificial needs become an obstacle to personal development? Finally, this work will end by saying that advertisement creates artificial needs and that every citizen is ensnared in this society of consumption.

A "need" is the result of a sensation of lack, something people feel is essential, and that they wish to have in order to meet their desires. A need is something that people feel as if there were an alarm to indicate that one's body or mind is lacking of something. After meeting one or more requirements, citizens feel good and satisfied. Advertising is defined as an activity designed to publicize a brand, to encourage the public to buy a product. Advertising boasts and promotes a product, a company, a restaurant or a country through posters, slogans and projected images.
Since the Second World War advertising has played an important role in society. The evolution of advertising since the forties has changed a lot. Forty years ago people were happy if they had a roof and some food, while nowadays people need much more to feel the same sense of satisfaction. At the end of the War most people had the only the bare minimum such as a shelter, food and fresh water. Men were fighting at war; therefore, many companies were closed, except those which made weapons and ammunitions. The whole industrial economy idling. Suddenly, after a while of living under restrictions, people were freed: they needed not only to fill their basic needs but also their leisure needs. They wanted to consume more than necessary to catch up what they had missed during wartime. Between 1950 and 1980, the economy was booming. In fact people started to buy plenty of goods, such as furniture, household appliances and cars. People rediscovered the taste of freedom. Thus, many more goods became considered as essential. With the evolution and improvement of cinema, radio and television, the increase of adverts became considerable. Publicists took advantage of these improvements and placed announcements everywhere. This made people aware of new technologies and products; thus, it encouraged them to consume more. Since then, newspapers, billboards, flyers and even cereal boxes are overrun by adverting. So much so, that people began to put stickers on their mailboxes saying “no advertisements”. The world is invaded! Whether citizens wait in front of traffic lights, take the subway, cross the street and even on chairlifts in the middle of nowhere where there is only nature and skiers. There are few places still untouched by advertising, but they...

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