Advertisement Or Brainwash? Essay

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The use of technology and advertisement has been a great innovative advance in how the market place operates and how it reaches a desired audience of consumers. According to a study done by Digital Strategy Consulting, it has been proven that 80% of people who have ever viewed an advertisement have at least looked into greater detail about the product. The purpose of advertisement is to promote a product or public notice to make consumers aware of whatever they might be advertising. One of the most popular forms of advertising is government advertising. The question is raised of how is the government and advertisement so successful? Now put together those two very powerful forms of ...view middle of the document...

Subliminal advertising blossomed until now, when you can find subliminals in every major advertisement and magazine cover. Legislation against the advertisers has had no effect in curbing the use of subliminals. In this Information Age, it seems people are no longer in control of the people. The ones in control are the ones with knowledge (as usual). In this case, the advertisers have it; you don't. (WEB)
Lechnar emphasizes that because most if not all advertisements are done digitally creators have the ability to easily alter their images so that when the human brain looks at the ad it receives an ulterior signal, the signal that the producer wants consumer to receive.
Some popular methods of subliminal advertising are repetition, sounds, and color effects. “Use to manipulate consumers is to repeat a word, phrase, image, idea or sound in their advertising so often that the consumer automatically associates it to the company, product or service, and vice versa” (Blake). The producers that create the advertisement have a manner of inserting and repeating a certain word that triggers and sticks in our brain without the person that is looking/hearing the advertisement being aware of what is truly happening in their brains. Advertises also use sounds such as; songs and “catchy jingles” to construct links. Additionally, certain sounds have meanings that we already associate with them and can cause a consumer to react on impulse” (Blake). Color effects are huge when it comes to altering our brain signals; the color that appears in an advertisement completely alters our view on the set product. For example, when an advertisement is comparing their product to that of a competitors the opponents product might be displayed with a dark black background, while on the other hand the product being promoted is shown with vibrant colors such as; red, blue, and yellow. All of this for the purpose of persuading the audience’s brain to believe what the advertises please.
The main goal when it comes to advertising is that the producers inform people over their product, convince the consumer to purchase the item, and make money. There is something positive about these three goals; it is that the producer informs the consumer about the benefits of purchasing that certain product. The producer, for example, might advertise a new exercise machine, the producer not only has to display their product but they promote the positive effects of receiving exercise every day by buying their machine. Not only that, but by promoting their product so effectively people purchasing the product will benefit the economy.

Without the hundreds of...

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