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Tourism ResearchStudent ID: 30107392Student Name: Chong Liu (Chris)Teacher Name: Michael PEARLMANClass: BUTSM 1501List of Illustrations1.0 Summary-----------------------------------------------------------------------------12.0 Introduction-------------------------------------------------------------------------13.0 Why we need to tourism marketing------------------------------------------24.0 The 'Bloody Hell need tourism marketing'--------------------------------- 34.1 What is it? ----------------------------------------------------------------------34.2 What they want to do------------------------------------------------------ 34.3 Marketing research as an integral activity-----------------------------34.4 What is the target------------------------------------------------------------3What is the problem --------------------------------------------------------44.6 What effects it has -----------------------------------------------------------45.0 There is nothing like Australia-------------------------------------------------55.1 What is it -----------------------------------------------------------------------55.2 How to do it----- --------------------------------------------------------------55.3 Success or not -----------------------------------------------------------------65.4 Why it can be success--------------------------------------------------------66.0 Conclusion---------------------------------------------------------------------------87.0 Reference ---------------------------------------------------------------------------81.0 SummaryAustralia government believes that tourism will drive the economic development. Tourism is an important contributor to the economy and sustainable development of regional areas in Australia. The 'Bloody Hell' campaign was started by the Australian Government in 2006 to increase the tourist inflow into the country. Australian Destination Marketing Organisation wants to use the ordinary person's mouth to tell other international tourists their own special culture and animation in order to ensure them achieving the target what they want to attract more visitors. They look at Australia as a group. The different people just show the different part of the group. But critics point out that inbound numbers from the three countries where the ad was especially prominent (UK, Japan and Germany) had all fallen. And then Tourism Australia said that a new advertising campaign would be launched very soon and that proper care would be taken to avoid any controversies in its future campaigns. It is 'There is nothing like Australia '. Australians responded by uploading nearly 30,000 stories and photos towww.nothinglikeaustralia.com. These stories now sit within an interactive, digital map of Australia, giving tourists around the world ideas and inspiration for their Australian holiday. They are going to ask each Australian to tell the rest of the world what makes Australia such a special place. This phase of the There's...

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Preferences of 1st Year Tourism Students of De La Salle Lipa about domestic travel And International Travel

1984 words - 8 pages students of De La Salle Lipa about the impacts of tourists coming from different countries in the field of domestic tourism. The researchers also considered the related researches that the author gathered for furthermore detailed information. This included the effects of world heritage sites on domestic tourism. According to Journal of Geographical Systems (2013), Mussoni M. stated that “Cultural tourism allows destinations and regions to expand their

Tourism is One of Many Activities in the Coastal Area that Require Planning and Coordinate for Sustainable Tourism Development of Coastal Destination

1489 words - 6 pages involves the activities of people, referred to as tourists or visitors, during their visit to these destinations and the facilities and services utilized during their stay (Tourism Today, 2011). These tourists spend money earned in their places of residence at their home country. This money, termed foreign exchange in the visited destination, is used for balance of payment in other countries (About the Tourism Industry, 2014). Foreign exchange enables

Rural Tourism Development in Iran

1665 words - 7 pages the Islamic Revolution in 1978. However, after this imposed war, the Iranian government established a development plan for the country, where an important part of this plan was reconsidering the tourism industry (faghri, 2008, p.17). Unfortunately, Iran is still in the infancy period of its tourism life due to its current problems (Pourafkari 2008, p. 12). Several researches have been carried out about tourism industry in the world. Some of

Enhancing the Tourist Destination: An analysis of the Official Tourism Website of Indonesia

2306 words - 9 pages media, which is approximately 8 to 15%. Therefore, website is the leading tool used by the holiday-maker as a source of information about the destination. Due to advances in information technology, the use of the website tends to continue to increase and printed media such as brochure, booklet and advertisement remains as a secondary tool for tourists in decision-making. In addition, tourism promotional materials comprise hidden messages which are

Article Analysis: How to Find the Best Locations for Tourism Enterprises’ in Greece

630 words - 3 pages Summary. The authors of this article talked about how to find the best locations for tourism enterprises’ in Greece and the various influences that affect the decisions that have to be made in relation to the locations of those tourism enterprises.’ In this article, the authors also included how investors could be helped in making the right decisions when it came to choosing locations for tourism enterprises’. There were two research questions


1816 words - 8 pages and recreation tourism demand like willingness to swim, etc.,and the quality of tourism like hiking in warm weather. Glaciers also are an important factor of tourist attractions for mountain parks, but they have been melting over past decades and will continue to (Scott, Jones & Konopek, 2007, p. 570–579). Information about tourism within the Rocky Mountains suggests that viewing mountain landscapes and viewing wildlife were the most important

Medical Tourism

1055 words - 5 pages To reduce poverty and improve healthcare for citizens, Vietnam must create medical tourism businesses. It is estimated that approximately 7 million people seek for medical care overseas every year, thus Vietnam, where healthcare costs are up to 70 percent cheaper than in the U.S. and the U.K., is able to become a regional hub for health tourism that probably generates many potential opportunities to reduce poverty, accelerate the sustainable

incredible india

381 words - 2 pages to endorse the campaign which was titled 'Atithidevo Bhava', Sanskrit for 'Guests are like God'. Atithidevo Bhava aimed at creating awareness about the effects of tourism and sensitizing the local population about preservation of India's heritage, culture, cleanliness and hospitality. It also attempted to re-instil a sense of responsibility towards tourists and reinforce the confidence of foreign tourists towards India as a preferred holiday destination. The concept was designed to complement the 'Incredible India' Campaign.

The Impact of Tourist on Local people in Chiang Rai

1149 words - 5 pages located in the northern Thailand and near by the border of neighbor country that have a lot of tourist come in every season. So, it made the impact to local people Therefore, This research is the study of the impact of tourism in Chiang rai. - Research problems How tourism impact to Chiang Rai ? Nowadays, Chiang Rai Changing in which way ? Research objective To study about the impact that happened from tourist which affect to local


2106 words - 8 pages values onto the local culture. A case study as cited in Burns et al (1995:128) mentions about Tourism in Solomon Islands. The article states that the culture, art forms, dance and songs of the Solomon Islanders have become a tourist commodity. Ultimately these acts are becoming devoid of their true meanings.In some countries mass influx of tourists has resulted in increased levels of crime. Ross's (1992) study of residents in an Australian city

The Negative Impact of Spring Break on the Local Residents of Popular Tourist Destinations

1685 words - 7 pages al., 1998) College students have casted quite a dark cloud in various cities because of their rowdy behavior. For example, Fort Lauderdale is one of the original spring break destinations but no longer hosts crazy collegiate coeds because many of the locals have taken a stance and the local city councils have made it undesirable. There have been numerous studies about attitudes regarding tourism but the studies have failed to take in account

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This Essay Is About Tourism In Cape Verde And How The Country Is Developing In This Industry And About Its Sustainable Tourism Strategy

2912 words - 12 pages recently. Tourism is relatively recent in Cape Verde as it had its beginning in the 1990s. Since then the development has not stood still, in fact it has been extremely increasing and now the tourism receipts constitute about one-fifth of the economy and a high portion of total exports. Nowadays, the country is totally dependent on tourism, tourists and foreign investors. Being a "tourism-focused" country was not planned by the government or any

Level Of Awareness Of The First Year Tourism Students About The Preservation Of Tourist Attractions

1059 words - 5 pages research show the meaning, importance and the reason why tourist travel. As a result the research showed the value or importance of preserving tourist attraction in the country. It can be read that the nature-based tourism enhances the natural beauty of the landforms and resources that s place have. In the conducted research everyone is encourage to read articles about preservation of tourist attractions. All the knowledge about this is useful to all

Gives Various Statistics And Figures About The Canadian Tourism Industry, Specifically On Toronto, Montreal And The Province Of British Columbia

1800 words - 7 pages Canada has become known to the rest of the world as a tourism hot-spot. Tourism spending reached $54.1 billion in 2000, an 8% increase from 1999. However, $37.9 billion were spent by Canadians in foreign Canadian cities; the remaining $16.2 is spent by foreigners. Various reasons account for such figurative spending on tourism. Thus the major reason for tourism in Canada is people holiday/vacation (56%), visiting friends or family (9%), business

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845 words - 3 pages , textiles, chemicals, plastics, candles, boots, cigars, and cigarettes. In addition, silver and gold are mined and salt is produced from seawater. Costa Rica exports coffee, bananas, beef, sugar, cacao, and fertilizer.The people of Costa RicaIn Costa Rica, the population is made up of about 70,000 blacks, 10,000 Indians, 3,460,456 whites, and 64,186 Chinese people. 90 to 95% of the total population of Costa Rica is Roman Catholics, which is