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Fahrenheit 451, is a science fiction novel that written and published by Ray Bradbury in 1953. The concept for the novel began with the 1947 as a short story "Bright Phoenix" that was latter published in the Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction in 1963. A movie version of the novel was released in 1966, and a second version is said to begin filming in 2008 (Gioia). The novel shows a future American society in which the people have "dumb themselves down", to the point where education and reading mean nothing. The number "451" refers to the Fahrenheit temperature at which a book or paper ignites and burns. Bradbury has stated that the novel is not about "dumbing down" society; he states that Fahrenheit 451 is a story about how television destroys people's interest in reading. Bradbury has also stated that most of his novel was written in UCLA's Powell library on a pay typewriter.In the future anti intellectual Americas have completely abandoned self control, and filled the streets with lawlessness. From teenagers crashing their cars into people, to firemen who set their mechanical hound to hunt various animals for the simple pleasure of watching them die. In this society anyone caught reading a book is, at the minimum, confined to a mental hospital while the books are burned. Illegal books mainly include famous works of literature, such as Whitman and Faulkner, as well as The Bible, and all historical texts. One night returning from his job, the main character Guy Montag meets his new neighbor Clarisse McClellan, whose ideals and liberating spirit force him to question his life, his ideals, and his own happiness and love. Later in the book it is said that Clarisse had been killed in a car accident. After meeting Clarisse, he returns home to find his wife Mildred asleep, with an empty bottle of sleeping pills next to her bed. He calls for medical help, and two technicians come and proceed to suck out Mildred's blood and insert new blood into her. The technicians disregard for Mildred forces Montag to question the state of the society. In the following days, while guy was working as a fireman whose job is to burn books, takes one after he accidentally reads a line form a book: "Time has fallen asleep in the afternoon sunshine" (Bradbury). This makes him steal one of the books. Montag calls in sick, and his fire chief Captain Beatty comes and explains to him the political and social reason for their job. Beatty adds that all firemen steal a book out of curiosity, and that all would be well if the book is turned in within 24 hours. Soon Montag has hidden dozens of books in the ventilation shafts of his own house and needs someone to help him memorize them. He remembers a man he had met at one time: Faber, a former English professor. Faber begins teaching Montag that the overall importance of literature in its attempt to explain human existence. Faber also gives Montag a green bullet-shaped ear-piece so he can offer guidance throughout guy's day....

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640 words - 3 pages insecurity about communist spies, certain books, movies, and other forms of media that were sympathetic towards the Communist ideas were banned.This book is the author's way of speaking out against censorship. As numerous books before it, Fahrenheit 451 is a form of protest in a veiled form. Like The Crucible, it talks about the injustices of Senator McCarthy's plan to do away with Communists in the United States. This book illuminates the problems with the American government at the time it was written and intensely challenges the domestic persecution that occurred during the Cold War era.

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582 words - 2 pages Write an analysis of Fahrenheit 451Novels portray issues that the readers can relate to. Some novels bring in themes that we are invited to explore so we understand our world better.Bradbury is a writer who writes futuristic issues that can be related to reality. The issues he examines may not be happening at the time and may not seem real. However, his texts are warnings to society. Ray Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451 is about a world that is not

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1784 words - 7 pages walls towards the end of Fahrenheit 451, when she betrays and deserts Montag, worrying about the safety of her parlor wall rather than her husband. Night after night Mildred has the “seashells” or radios plugged into both ears, “the electronic ocean of sound, of music and talk and music and talk coming in, coming in on the shore of her unsleeping mind. (p.12)” In Fahrenheit 451 technologies have developed so much that machines are capable

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1159 words - 5 pages worrying more about technology instead of worrying about their school because they know that they can just memorize the information and spit it back out on a test and get a good grade without putting a lot of effort into their academic life. The way that many students are learning in recent days and how it is so similar to the way students learn in Fahrenheit 451 is rather frightening because it just goes to show another way that America is becoming

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739 words - 3 pages learn from a TV. When Clarisse asks questions about what they are learning she is called peculiar. While talking with Montag, Montag asks about school, Clarisse tells him “I’m antisocial, they say. I don’t mix.” all she does is try to comprehend the topic better, and she’s ridiculed(26). In both America and in Fahrenheit 451 the education system is faulty and unsuccessful. Education in America is horrible, approximately 70 percent of eighth grade

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1006 words - 4 pages mean wasting trees, but in the world of Fahrenheit 451, every tree that had been cut down, and was use for books was now being burned away. To the people of Fahrenheit 451 'books show the pores the face of life,(83)'. The people were scared and uncertain about books, so society decided to hire firemen to burn the books. Although most people were scared of books, the books acted like their own phoenix by giving people some hope. People like Montag

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677 words - 3 pages Thompson 2Thompson 1Amber ThompsonProfessor NokesEnglish 11018 September 2014All in the State of MindSetting can be defined as a specific or general time or place; however, in Fahrenheit 451 it's more broadly established as a state of mind instead. A world of war, violence, and death is all the characters of Fahrenheit 451 know about their own setting. Some members of society choose to establish their own setting, some adapt to the setting at

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925 words - 4 pages In Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury, irony is often used to convey information and it contributes to the overall theme of the novel. Fahrenheit 451 was written during the era of McCarthyism, and is about a society where books are illegal. This society believes that being intellectual is bad and that a lot of things that are easily accessible today should be censored. The overall themes of the book are that censorship is not beneficial to society

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2511 words - 10 pages was affected by what he heard and saw on the news about the war and those facts drove him to believe in it. Even post World War II, the cold war had an effect on people’s thoughts and minds. No one knew who to listen to, who to trust, as the struggle for presidential power was brewing vibrantly, thus resulting in the biggest act of censorship in world history. Although Bradbury said, “Fahrenheit 451 was not a story about government censorship

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1419 words - 6 pages should stand up for what they believe in. Another similarity in Uglies and Fahrenheit 451 is in both books the technology is a major distraction in their lives and makes them miss what life is really about. In Fahrenheit 451 the text states, “‘Will you turn the parlor off?’ he asked. ‘That’s my family.’ ‘Will you turn it off for a sick man?’ ‘I’ll turn it down.”’ (Bradbury 46). This quote shows that the people living in this society just want to

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753 words - 3 pages When it comes to Fahrenheit 451 there is a part that goes with “We have everything we need to be happy, but we aren’t happy. Something’s missing”. While reading Fahrenheit 451 the people aren’t completely happy when it comes to life, although they think they are. One aspect that Bradbury might be defining happiness as the idea of knowledge. When it comes to the idea of Happiness it is said that it might be defined as knowledge but such an idea

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729 words - 3 pages of the violated pieces. In Fahrenheit 451, censorship consist of book arsons, unscrupulous parlor families, and the narrow-mindedness for those who try to be individuals. In Bradbury’s novel Fahrenheit 451 censorship is something the characters deal with on a daily basis and, do not even think twice about it. When Guy Montag meets Clarisse McClellan who is an attractive, young, free spirited seventeen year-old girl, who likes to walk and

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1288 words - 6 pages well off; they're safe; they're never ill; they're not afraid of death; they're blissfully ignorant of passion and old age” (Huxley 207). Having soma divert the attention from the real problems the people of the society don’t have to worry about being ill or being afraid of death.to add to the use of soma each individual was conditioned to do certain tasks allowing the government to run smoothly. On the other hand Fahrenheit 451 had its own way