Abortion Is Every Woman's Right Essay

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For the first time in 15 years, more Americans are pro-life, rather than pro-choice. 51% of American men and women believe that abortion should be illegal in America, rather than the 42% that believe that it is appropriate for abortion to remain legal ("Poll: Majority of Americans Are Pro-Life for the First Time"). Those that are pro-life believe that a child is born into this world with a purpose, and if a pregnancy results in an abortion, god’s plan for the child in this world will be disrupted (D‘Silva). A fetus has a heartbeat 21 days after being conceived, so anti- abortion protesters believe aborting a fetus with a heartbeat is murder. Pro-life supporters also have concerns for the mother’s health, seeing as abortion can cause many life-threatening problems, like bladder injury, bowel injury, and maybe even infertility. Abortion may also lead to many complications in future pregnancies, like bleeding within the first trimester, a baby with a low birth weight, and delivering a premature baby (“Quick Facts‘). Author Roy D’Silva wrote an article of his view on abortion, and he had understandable concerns with the issue.
Roy D’Silva talked about the many apprehensions he has with abortion in his article, “Anti-Abortion Arguments-Reasons Against Abortion”. He stated that abortion is “an act of violence against an unborn child as well as the woman about to have a baby, apart from being a moral crime in itself” (D‘Silva). D’Silva expressed how humans have no right to restrict the life of a baby, and that abortion was once considered a sin. Also, D’Silva boldly stated that an abortion can psychologically ruin the mother, as well as the family. The article also listed many health risks that are associated with abortion. For example, an abortion may damage the reproductive system of a woman, so it may enable her from having children in the future. Abortion may also cause blocked fallopian tubes, a weakened cervix, and uterine scarring. D’Silva went on to say that an abortion may higher the chances of a miscarriage in the future, or it may cause stillbirths. Also, Roy D’Silva declared that abortion may increase the chance of breast cancer in a woman, as well as cervical and uterine cancer. Lastly, he exclaimed that “Anesthesia is available only for the physical structure of the human body, not for the emotional and mental state of a person” (D‘Silva), referring to the distress a woman may go through after an abortion.
After reading Roy D’Silva’s article, it is rational why people are against abortion, although I do believe many of these ideas are exaggerated. First of all, the fetus is an extension of the mother, so she should be able to decide what happens to her body. If pro-life supporters believe that abortion should be illegal because it’s a risky and dangerous operation, then what about all the other dangerous...

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