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There was no chance that she was going to escape. The sea of people behaved like a tide forcing her to go back and forth amongst the waves of people coming in and out of the trains. He had followed her and was now being drawn into the current. However unlike the girl, he did not get caught amongst the tide. Just as Moses parted the oceans with his staff, the gun instilled fear within the people creating a clear path. However it did not help the situation for the young lady.

She was running with no certain direction when she tripped. That split second had seemed like an eternity. They noticed her falling trajectory and moved out of the way, it was though the whole world didn’t seem care. She hit the cement. Despite a scrapped knee, she somehow scrambled up to her feet and kept running, turning back only to see what she didn’t want to see.

Her eyes filled up with fear at the nearing sight of her captors whilst running for the inevitable. The open green shirt unveiled his muscular physique. She knew she had nowhere to go, so she dropped onto her knees loosening the embroidery on her sari. Her eyes, now beginning to tear, foreshadowed a frightened, glazed expression, as if anticipating the inevitable. Tear drops trickled down her smooth cheek onto the hardness of the steel floor beneath

The gangster approached her, close enough for her to make out his facial features. He had apparent cheek bones and a squared jaw line yet like her, his eyes were full of fear.

The gangster moved forward and raised his gun; he hesitated as he brought his finger up to the trigger. Shuffling forward cautiously, the gun still raised the gangster brought the cold metal right up onto the woman’s forehead. She finally saw that she wasn’t the only one with tears falling from her eyes.

“Stand up”

“No” she whimpered feebly trying to muster all the courage she could.

“I said, Stand up” his voice growing more and...

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1319 words - 5 pages , Lenzenweger, & Pitman 2002). During hypnotic regression, memories of abduction may surface. They can be so terrifying that the experiencer may believe they are afflicted with a serious neurological problem. Rather than accepting the prospect of insanity, they believe aliens abducted them, as it seems less outlandish (Perina, 2003). It is believed by some that trauma can lead to amnesia, blocking memories that are too traumatic for the conscious mind

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578 words - 2 pages shoulders were going out of place, and lost control of the bar. Unfortunately, his training partner was unable to prevent injury. The injured man stated that he felt immediate pain and lost mobility of his arms. He was then rushed to the emergency department.      When the patient first arrived at the emergency department, his shoulders were in abduction and external rotation. He complained of stiffness and pain. Tests showed

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1151 words - 5 pages the article, Greif and Hegar explain how they attempted to fill in the gap of information about the trauma of long-term abduction. Their findings appear in the book When Parents Kidnap. Each parent, child, and abductor may deal with the kidnapping differently. For some it is very frightful and requires years of psychological evaluation to overcome. According to Greif and Hegar, abducted children develop extremely close bonds with their abductors

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287 words - 2 pages his skeptical of alien abductees, but he's not saying all "alien abduction experiences were sleep deprived or undergoing extreme physical and mental stress." He believes that there is a possibility that aliens are traveling thousands of light-years to Earth and dropping in undetected, but it is much more likely that humans are experiencing altered states of consciousness and interpreting them in the context of what is popular in out culture

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1215 words - 5 pages attempted to fill in the gap of information about the trauma of long-term abduction. Their findings appear in the book When Parents Kidnap. Each parent, child, and abductor may deal with the kidnapping differently. For some it is very frightful and requires years of psychological evaluation to overcome. According to Greif and Hegar, abducted children develop extremely close bonds with their abductors. Often the abductors lie to the children about

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