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How long can you bear each other in a married life? How you determine whether it is successful or not? In this regard, I will measure a success of a marriage by its longevity and satisfaction it generates to both partners. Let’s talk about my parents now. They have spent thirty-seven years of their life together and still going strong. We are four siblings. I have three elder sisters who already married. My parents are the inspiration for all four of us. They are the main reason why all four of us are well educated and heading to a successful life. For completing this assignment I called them to know the reasons behind their success. Though I knew it more or less but I wanted ...view middle of the document...

My parents both mentioned a saying in our society which says when you sleep together sometimes you might knowingly or unknowingly kick each other. That does not mean you do not love each other. This sums everything my parents have to say. They have had few problems in their life but they did not let those get too serious. All big fights start with small arguments. So, if you stop arguments when it is small, then there won’t be the big fights. My mom mentions that she never stops believing my dad in good time or a bad time which is very important for having long and successful relationship.


One funny thing I noticed while talking to my parents is that they complain about each other more than saying few good things. But still they are happy with each other. This tells the fact that they have already figure out the truth of being happy. The truth I want to mention here is that we should let go the minor problems. Nobody is perfect in this world. If we run after perfection, we will lose whatever we already have. We should try to find perfection in imperfectness. That’s what my parents have done well over the years and still doing.
My parents know each others’ weaknesses. They can feel each other. They do not have to tell each other...

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