A Deep Conncection, Not A Defect

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In mainstream American society tends to approach deafness as a defect. To me, deafness is not a defect but a source of connection. A beautiful connection called sign language involving, humor, visual literature, theater, and deep emotions. The deaf culture has often been labeled as the “deaf- and- dumb culture”. This is not only an insulting term it is also very inaccurate. Deaf people are just as intelligent as hearing people. Throughout the video there were horrible names and labels showing up across the screen that most hearing people call deaf such as, mute, hearing impaired, retarded and handicap. The names that were used are all names the deaf culture thinks of as “rude” and I completely understand why. These names are so negative and derogatory it makes me sick to know that some people have no knowledge about the deaf culture or community at all. Deafness is such a unique, insightful, and wonderful loss. It is one with such beauty and meaning that it makes it not a loss at all. However, I wish one day everyone could see that deafness is more of a gift instead of a defect.
While watching this video in class, I learned that you need to create the right facial expressions to go along with the sign I am doing. This makes the sign clear for the person I am signing to. Facial expressions mostly include raising and lowering of the eye brows and mouth movements. Also I learned how difficult it is to lip read and to not assume the person I am signing to can read my lips. Lip reading is a very hard concept, especially with the English language. Only about 30% of the English language is actually visible on the lip which makes it that much more impressive for a person to be able to lip read well. Throughout this video I also learned how to get someone’s attention who is deaf. I forget how scary it would be to have someone come up from behind after not...

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