A Collection Of Book Reviews Dealing With Racism

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A Collection of Book Reviews Dealing with Racism

Achebe, Chinua. 1992. Things Fall Apart. New Jersey: Everyman's Library.
This is a gripping novel about the problem of European colonialism in Africa. The story relates the cultural collision that occurs when Christian English missionaries arrive among the Ibos of Nigeria, bringing along their European ways of life and religion.

Angelou, Maya. 1986. All God's Children Need Traveling Shoes. New York: Random House.
This book provides a first-hand opinions and feelings of black Americans who, living through the racial crisis of the 1960's, came to Africa in search of their historical, spiritual and psychological home. Readers will appreciate the means in which Maya Angelou relates her conflicts with some Ghanaians; her romance with African Muslim; her trip to Germany, where she joins an American acting troupe and confronts her own prejudices; and her struggle to accept her son's manly independence. The light Maya sheds on emerging Africa and the American black community, makes for absorbing readings.

Ball, Edward. 1998. Slaves in the Family. New York: Farrar, Straus & Giroux, Inc..
This is a nonfiction story of a man's journey into his family's past as slave owning people. He's goal was to find the descendants of the slaves who lived on his family's plantation. Ball chronicles the lives of people who lived on his ancestors' lands. In his research Bell discovered that there was a highly successful slave trader company owned by his family as well. His family kept excellent records and through these records he was able to trace the offspring of slave women and Ball men, which resulted to between 75,000 and 100,000 people currently living, and located the ones currently living. Their story represents that of many African Americans.

Berlin, Ira, Steve f. Miller and Marc Favciac, eds. [1941] 1998. Remembering Slavery. Washington, DC: US Government Printing Press.
A collection of 124 transcripts of former slaves interviewed in the 1920's and 1930's. They are accompanied by recently restored recorded interviews that have been in the Library of Congress since 1941. This collection of interviews present voices that describe family life, work ethic and recreational patterns, religious ethos and resistance. The interviews were conducted by white interviewers. The two 60 minute cassettes have dramatic readings by James Earl Jones, Melba Moore, and Debbie Allen, as well as excerpts from the original recordings. This book accompanied by the tapes is the best illustration of the period of slavery.

Boyd, Todd. 1997. Am I Black Enough For You? Bloomington: Indiana University Press.
Todd Boyd has true understanding of the cultural evolution of the "new" black aesthetics. From the start of this book the reader will be mesmerized by the "new jack" style, which takes lyrics by Tupac, Curtis Mayfield, Dr. Dre, Arrested Development, Ice Cube, Snoop Doggy Dog,...

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