1984, Are We There Yet? Essay

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Big Brother is watching you! This is one of the frightening propaganda posters portrayed in George Orwell’s novel 1984, which offers a terrifying prophetic vision of a totalitarian state. A totalitarian government is one which subjugated its citizens and holds complete authority over the society and seeks to control all aspects of its citizen’s public and private life. It’s these type of controlling governments that use several deceptive strategies to gain control of a nation such as censorship of media, propaganda everywhere, ruling using fear, and secret police forces (Thought Police). It is this tyrannical government that Orwell feared would come true in the near future. Although, our ...view middle of the document...

” ( 4 Predictions) Likewise the American president Obama has been using the National Security Agency (NSA) to conduct warrantless wiretapping, maintaining a call database (MARINA), and engaged in data mining (PRISM), “we can be forgiven for wondering if Big Brother is no longer a fictional character.” (4 Predictions ) Instead of telescreens, Orwell would have never been able to foresee the vast technological advancements which would have made spying much more broad and easier.
Along with monitoring phone calls, the government also has placed cameras in street corners to catch criminals, although “research strongly indicates that video surveillance is a bad investment, as it has no statistically significant effect on crime rates.”(Could We… Please?). Also the government and hackers can also access our phone cameras and laptop webcams, looking at us without us having a clue. Not even online we are safe, even “if your Facebook profile is ‘private,’ your personal profile information is exposed when you take a quiz on Facebook. These quizzes (and their developers) have access to information such as your religion, sexual orientation, and political and group affiliations.” (Could We… Please?) The government also apparently “has the right to read and collect information from your laptop when you enter or exit the country, without needing a reason to believe you have broken the law.” (Could We… Please?).Our modern society also has modern versions of telescreens, there are new flat screen tvs that come built in with cameras which the government can use to monitor it’s citizens lives. These tvs have cause much debate between people and anger many over their invasion of privacy. Although the citizens of Oceania were monitored with telescreens, our modern society has far more technology to surpass the surveillance in 1984. It is this constant surveillance in .overheard and, except in the darkness, every movement scrutinized.” (Orwell 5)
In Orwell’s 1984 nearly every aspect of life is controlled, including the most natural impulses of sex and love are discouraged and repressed. In 1984 the government creates several programs instituted by various forms of media in that society such as, the Junior Spies that propagates mistrust between parents and their children-another supposedly natural bond and impulse. In our modern society children are taught in school to take of the environment and to discourage their parents bad recycling habits. During Hitler’s dictatorship, he established Hitler Youth Groups who were indoctrinated with racism and sent to snitch out on Jews and people who were...

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